Going To Bedroom Closet Dresser Organizer

Jul 26th

Extend storage capacity of the bedroom closet dresser organizer without any disadvantage and exorbitant the cost of an add-on. Strategically placed organizational tools will create new dominant space and keep clothes, shoes and accessories in good shape and always ready to wear. You will be surprised at the space you have in your bedroom closet once it has been cleaned and organized. Start organizing the bedroom closet by thoroughly cleaning it out. Remove everything from the closet.

Wood Closet Organizers Shoes
Wood Closet Organizers Shoes

Have three laundry baskets or cardboard boxes labeled Keep, Store and Go. Everything in the “Keep” basket will eventually be returned to the closet or chest of drawers. The “Large” basket will temporarily house items that need to be wrapped away in season or items of affective value. The “Go” items will be thrown out or donated. Do not use the over-the-door shoe hanger for shoes. Instead, fill each pocket with belts, scarves, tights, socks, umbrellas and handbags. Nail or screw the cork folded to the back of the closet door under the shoe hanger.

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Attach the pins to the handlebar and hang the necklaces and bracelets from the pins. This is also perfect for “note yourself” before pulling out the door after getting dressed for the day. Stable shoes on shoe shelves on the closet floor. Wide sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans and exercise clothes, and stored in open shelves on the closet shelf. Mark each bin so finding necessary elements is simple.

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